Name Date  
Accessibility Plan 07th Oct 2020 Download
Admissions Policy 2021-2022 01st Mar 2020 Download
Anti-bullying Policy 17th Nov 2020 Download
Assessment policy 19th Mar 2019 Download
Attendance Policy - September 2020 - wit... 22nd Sep 2020 Download
Behaviour Policy 09th Sep 2021 Download
Blended Learning Policy 20th Jan 2021 Download
Catch up Funding Plan - updated March 20... 19th Apr 2021 Download
Charging and Remissions Policy 17th Nov 2020 Download
Child protection policy 21st Jul 2021 Download
Children with health needs who cannot at... 04th Feb 2021 Download
Complaints policy 02nd Nov 2021 Download
Data Protection Policy 09th Jun 2021 Download
Early Years Policy 28th Sep 2021 Download
Equality Objectives 02nd Nov 2021 Download
Equality Policy 30th Nov -0001 Download
Exclusions Policy 09th Jun 2021 Download
First Aid Policy - February 2021 08th Mar 2021 Download
Freedom of Information 28th Feb 2020 Download
Gifts and Hospitality Policy 30th Nov -0001 Download
Health and Safety Policy and Manual Octo... 04th Nov 2021 Download
Home School Agreement 15th Sep 2020 Download
Homework Policy 21st Oct 2020 Download
Look After Children Policy 30th Mar 2021 Download
Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Po... 09th Sep 2021 Download
Nursery Admissions Policy 2020/21 25th Sep 2020 Download
Nursery Admissions Policy 2021/22 25th Sep 2020 Download
Online Safety Policy 28th Apr 2021 Download
Physical Intervention Policy 25th Sep 2020 Download
Privacy Policy for Governors, Directors,... 08th Sep 2020 Download
Privacy Policy for Staff 08th Sep 2020 Download
RSE Policy 2021 30th Mar 2021 Download
Schemes of Delegation 02nd Nov 2021 Download
SEND Information Report 11th Nov 2021 Download
SEND Policy 28th Sep 2021 Download
SMSC Policy 30th Nov -0001 Download
Supporting Pupils with medical condition... 10th Dec 2020 Download
Teaching & Learning Policy 30th Jun 2021 Download
Uniform Policy 30th Nov -0001 Download
Worship Policy 30th Nov -0001 Download