Meet the Governors

Federated Governing Body of St Matthew's C.E. Primary School and Cowley St Laurence C.E. Primary School

The Governing Body is made up of 18 people, drawn from all walks of life, who are dedicated to ensuring the quality of education offered by our school  improves constantly.  The Federated Governing Body are responsible for not only St Matthew’s C. E. Primary School, but also Cowley St Laurence C.E. Primary School.  They meet regularly to look at a very wide range of issues including the achievement of the children, the quality of the teaching, Leadership and Management, Behaviour and Safety and the Spiritual Development of our pupils

The Governors work in close partnership with the Head of School and other members of the Senior Leadership Team to set the strategic direction of the school.  The role of the Governors is to support the school in decision making and also to question and challenge the school, all in the interests of achieving the best outcome for the children.

The governors of St Matthew's are each assigned to a year group in the school, and act as a 'Link Governor' for this year group. This means that they will make visits to the classes in their assigned year group, and get to know the children, parents and teachers within that year group. This further enables our governors to support the school in achieving our school improvement targets. 

The Governors are accountable to the parents and wider community for the direction of the school.  If you would like to contact us please get in touch with the school office. Additionally, if you would like to see the minutes of any governing body meeting, please make your request at the school office. 

Members of the Governing Body:

Governing Body Membership 2021/2022

Federated Governing Body of Cowley St Laurence CE Primary and St Matthew's CE Primary Schools:

In accordance with the Scheme of Delegation, the Federated Governing Body (FGB) consists of:

  • Four Foundation members for each school, appointed by the Directors of the Trust;
  • The Parish Priest of St Matthew’s Church (or other clergy as appointed by the Bishop of Willesden);
  • One Parent Governor for each school;
  • One Staff Governor for each school;
  • The Headteacher at each school;
  • The minimum number of Governors is six and the maximum is twenty one.

Chair of Governors 2021/22: David Nanton

Grace Afari-Mensah, Governor, appointed 22/03/2022
Cllr Shehryar Ahmad-Wallana, Governor, appointed 24/09/2018
Revd Ann Clarridge, Governor, appointed 16/07/2018
Saad Rahman, Governor, appointed 22/03/2022
Cllr Janet Duncan, Governor, appointed 13/05/2019
David Davies, Governor (ex-officio – Headteacher, Cowley St Laurence), appointed 16/04/2018
Michael Heyes, Governor, appointed 22/03/2022
Naser Issa, Governor, appointed 12/10/2021
Lisa Maher, Governor (ex-officio – Headteacher, St Matthew’s), appointed 18/06/2019
David Nanton, Governor, appointed 01/09/2020
Helen Pye-Beraet, Governor, appointed 10/07/19
Laura Simpson, elected parent Governor, 27/11/2017
Revd Richard Young, Governor (ex officio – Parish Priest of St Matthew's Church), re-appointed 01/02/2016

Resigned in the last 12 months:
Revd June Hughman, Governor, appointed 20/10/2020 (resigned 11/01/2022)
Linda Ryan, Governor, appointed 09/05/2016 (resigned 07/09/2021)
James Jiang, elected parent Governor, 10/12/2019 (resigned 21/07/2021)



Declarations of Interest 2021/2022

The sections below detail each governor’s relevant business and pecuniary interests, trusteeships and governorships at other educational establishments/charities, personal relationships with trust employees or other members/trustees/governors. 

Name, Date declared, Declarations

Grace Afari-Mensah, 23/02/2022, None

Cllr Shehryar Ahmad-Wallana, 03/11/2021, Elected Councillor, London Borough of Hillingdon (May 2014 onwards)

Revd Ann Clarridge, 13/10/2021, None

David Davies, 15/09/2021, None

Cllr Janet Duncan, 06/10/2021, Elected Councillor, London Borough of Hillingdon

Michael Heyes, 27/02/2022, None

Naser Issa, 19/10/2021, None

Lisa Maher, 09/09/2021, None

David Nanton, 14/09/2021, Francis Holland Schools Trust, Education, Director of Information Systems (March 2018 onwards)  

Helen Pye-Beraet, 24/10/2020, None

Saad Rahman, 10/03/2022, Director, Bsynergetic

Laura Simpson, 15/01/2022, None

Revd Richard Young, 10/09/2021, Vicar, St Matthew’s Church, Yiewsley (Church/registered charity) (2007 onwards); Veritas Educational Trust (Academy Trust), Member (June 2021 onwards)


Resigned in the last 12 months:

Name (resignation date), date declared, declarations

Revd June Hughman (resigned 11/01/2022), 18/01/2021, None
Linda Ryan (resigned 07/09/2021), 06/10/2020, None

James Jiang (resigned 21/07/2021), 19/01/2021, None

Area of responsibility

Link Governor

Safeguarding and Health & Safety 

Ann Clarridge

Christian Distinctiveness and Staff Well-being Richard Young
Early Years  Catherine Allen
Phonics and Key Stage One  Ann Clarridge 
Reading  Shehryar Ahmad Wallana and Laura O'Connor 
Special Educational Needs Helen PyeBeraet
Curriculum  Janet Duncan 

In addition:

Mrs Catherine Mosdell is the Clerk to the Governing Body

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