Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff  
Mr C. Cole                       Executive Headteacher
Miss L. Barr                                                Head of School, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs J. Coates Acting Deputy Head of School
Miss J. Perry          Year Six - Maternity Leave
Mr. E. Small              Year Six, Key Stage Two Leader
Mr M. Nelson             Year Five
Miss N. McCreesh                     Year Five
Miss D. Hutchings          Year Four 
Miss S. Barrett Year Four
Mrs R. Dupree             Year Three
Miss A. Benger             Year Three
Mrs N. Todd          Year Two
Mr R. Fitzsimons   Year Two, Key Stage One Leader
Miss K. Shedden Year One
Miss A. Kirkpatrick-Thor Year One
Miss N. Cole Reception, Early Years Strategic Lead
Miss L Brown         Reception
Miss V. Lee Nursery
Mrs A. Underwood    SENDCo
Mr J McCarthy Year 6 - Maternity Cover