Year Two



Year 2

This term in Year Two, we are learning all about Mexico. In our History lessons, we will go into depth about ancient Mexican people, however we will compare this to modern times through our Geography lessons.

We will have the opportunity to look at a range of Mexican texts, including non-chronological reports, instructions to make Mexican food, brochures for Mexican holidays and the Mexican version of the traditional tale Cinderella, named Adelita.

We will continue to develop basic arithmetic skills in Mathematics lessons, including: number bonds to 10 and 20; 2, 5 and 10x tables; problems involving all four number operations and problems involving their use of reasoning skills.

To support the children’s learning in RE, we will be visiting St Margaret’s Church in Uxbridge, considering similarities and differences between there and St Matthew’s Church, as well as the importance of different features found in the church.

In addition to this, the children will have the opportunity to sit practise SATs test papers, so they become comfortable with the content and layout of these examinations. Although this is an important assessment tool for the Year Two staff, it is used in conjunction with other day-to-day assessments throughout all lessons taught at school, therefore no pressure should be placed on the children to perform well – they should just try their hardest like we would expect them to on a daily basis. There will be a meeting regarding SATs tests in the near future, for all parents to attend if they wish to find out more.

If you have any questions regarding the content of the Year Two curriculum, please speak to the class teachers.

Thank you very much,

Mr Fitzsimons and Miss Kaur​