Year One


Year 1

This term Year One are going to be exploring Winnie the Witch! We will be reading different Winnie stories, answering questions and acting out these stories to help with their comprehension.  To help improve children’s writing we will be focusing on using descriptive language such as adjectives, conjunctions, and similes to help improve and detail simple sentences. Of course there will also be a strong emphasis to consistently use finger spaces, full stops and capital letters.

In Numeracy we will be looking at how to ‘up level’ Autumn’s work by counting, adding, and subtracting on a number line making steps to find the answer or difference. To help with this, at home the children can be practising their number bonds to 10 and then 20; combination of ‘special friends’ that add up to 10 and 20 respectively. We will also be enhancing their understanding with the measurement unit by using practical and visual activities around time, weight, capacity and fractions. The children will also be exposed to a very introductory level of division and multiplication through repeated addition and subtraction using manipulatives.

 As for our foundation subjects the children will be exploring different topics of interest. In History we will be investigating homes of the past by exploring physical features of houses built in the Victorian era. In Science we will be learning all about various materials; natural and man-made and categorizing them appropriately. After we will be exploring if they materials are waterproof by creating our very own boat out of different materials. In Geography children will be exposed to simple aerial maps with basic keys. Children will begin to learn to navigate by reading these maps and using positional language such as North, East, South and West. In Art the children will investigate various artists, teaching the children how to openly and independently critique different types of work, for example what they liked or disliked about it or why the artist choose particular colours or shapes to express meaning. Lastly in ICT we will be exploring a range of technology including IPads, computers and cameras to familiarise themselves with their functions. Most importantly we will educate children about online safety and how to recognise unsafe aspects of the online world.