Autumn 2019

We are so excited to welcome all the new children and parents joining St. Matthews and our Nursery class this year! The children have begun to settle in and we are all looking forward to our learning adventure this year. It is wonderful to see so many children arriving at school with smiles on their faces, because we want every to enjoy being at school – happy children learn best!

                During the first half term we will be reading stories such as the “There’s a Tiger in the Garden”, “But excuse me that is my book”, “Oww!”, “Elmer” and “The Gruffalo”. Our activities will be largely child initiated, as we encourage the children to become more familiar and comfortable with the classroom and develop special friendships with each other. We will also have daily carpet sessions (including phonics), weekly one-on-one reading and small group activities that are adult-led. The children will also be encouraged to spend time exploring nature in our outdoor classroom. There will be a focus this term on helping the children to learn the classroom routines and rules, such as playing with each other and how to share.

                The second half term will focus on the theme “People Who Help Us.” We will explore different occupations such as fire fighters, doctors, nurses, police officers and many more. We will encourage the children to think about the importance of these jobs through various activities, such as helping patients in our ‘surgery’ and creating fire safety posters. We will also learn about different festivals such as Diwali and Guy Fawkes Night, before ending our term by learning about Christmas and different celebrations around the World.

                We also hope to have some special visitors throughout the year to help the children about our different topics. We would also love if any family members would like to visit the Nursery to share their own customs, traditions or occupations with the class. Please let one of the teachers know if you would be keen to do this. It would be much appreciated. 

Miss Lee, Mrs Underwood, Mrs Connolly, Miss Penson, Mrs Mainwaring.