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Online Safety

Online Safety

Children today have the world at their fingertips - a whole host of information, entertainment and fun is just a click away!

However, the Internet also comes with dangers that children and parents need to be aware of. 

Here at St Matthew's, we will:

  • Provide E-Safety eductation for children as part of the Computing curriculum
  • Deal with 'cyberbullying' as part of our Behaviour policy, even if it happens outside of school
  • Keep parents informed of the dangers of the Internet for children

It is very important that parents:

  • Are familiar with the games and sites that their children are using 
  • Monitor their children's use of the Internet 
  • Discuss the dangers of the Internet with their children and make them aware of the risks 
  • Educate themselves about the dangers their children could face online 

Platforms such as Fortnite, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are not suitable for young children.

Click here for more information about online safety.