Year Five


Year 5

We have a very exciting term ahead of us. To begin with, we will be travelling back in time to the Tudor Age and find out about how the world changed after the brave explorers of this historical period circumnavigated the Globe. Our creative curriculum will help us learn about Tudor Navigators in: Literacy, History, Geography, Computing, DT and Art!

In class, we will be discovering lots about key explorers such as Sir Francis Drake and Christopher Columbus; their amazing discoveries and voyages and how their histories have influenced our lives today.

Our Science lessons will take us from the Earth to deep Space as we look at life processes in plants and animals as well as unlocking the secrets of the solar system and mapping far flung constellations.

In French, we will continue to build on our knowledge from last term as we explore the use of questioning phrases and vocabulary to describe weather and transport to different destinations.

In Numeracy, we will continue to master the four rules of number using the schools strategies to support the children’s understanding. As well as working on our times tables each week, we will spend time on solving logic and word problems, 24 hour clock, angles, perimeter, area and reflection as well as reflection and translation of shapes.

In Literacy, the children will read and write information texts as well as creating diaries about key personalities we have researched for our creative topics. Each of these texts will be used as a ‘launch’ to inspire the children to develop their own writing skills in each genre. The children have already started to produce some fantastic pieces of writing which will continue to improve as we introduce increasingly sophisticated techniques to engage them in this subject.

In R.E. we will learn about the Sikh faith, which will include a visit to a local Sikh Temple, and we will be preparing for Easter with lessons to deepen our knowledge of Christ’s Passion.

PE will be very active and exciting this term! The children will benefit from coaching in the skills required to compete in an inter-Trust Tag Rugby completion. For indoor PE, the children will be given the opportunity to use the gymnastics equipment to practise their balance and strength. 

We look forward to celebrating the children’s achievements with you throughout the term.