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Blended Learning

Information for Parents

As Coronavirus continues to impact our lives in many ways, we know that it may further impact your child’s education. If your child is unwell, or has to self-isolate, quarantine following a trip abroad, or in the event of National School Closures, we are committed to making sure that your child can continue their education at home and make progress until it is safe for them to return to school.

Please visit the 'policies' section of this website to read our Blended Learning Policy, which will provide further information about our Blended Learning offer.

Further support can be found on your child's Home Learning page on DB Primary, including video tutorials. If you need further help, please contact the school office. 

Our Blended Learning provision includes participation in Live Sessions. Live sessions are not recorded however two members of staff will always be present during live sessions. 

Please see below for guidance on how to participate in live sessions safely and successfully:

We ask that parents:

  • Ensure that all members of your household are aware that the Zoom session is taking place so that they can behave accordingly.
  • Ensure that children are appropriately dressed for their Zoom session.
  • Ensure that children join the session from an appropriate location – for example, children should not join from bedrooms.
  • Ensure that children, parents, and anyone in the background uses appropriate language only.
  • Ensure that children are ready to join the session on time. Teachers will not wait for children who are late.
  • Ensure that your microphone is muted throughout the session. Questions can be asked via the chat function to avoid lots of people talking over one another.
  • Ensure that children are supervised by an adult throughout the session, and show the qualities of an outstanding learner throughout.
  • Only ask questions that are specific to the learning that is being explained. More general questions or lengthy/multiple questions should be addressed in a separate phone call which you can arrange with the teacher.
  • Ensure that only the child in that particular year group is participating in the Zoom session. Siblings should not participate in one another’s Zoom sessions.
  • Please report any concerns regarding live sessions to the Headteacher. 
  • Do not share videos provided by staff that are intended for use within our school community. 

We are pleased to share that a survey carried out in February 2021 showed the following strengths in our blended learning provision:

  • Regular phone calls from the teacher
  • Regular Zoom sessions
  • Staff answering questions where needed
  • Providing live phonics lessons in EYFS
  • Literacy videos
  • Work is clear and easy to find
  • Rewards and feedback support and motivate children

82% of parents said that the level of difficulty of the work their children are set is ‘just right’

85% of parents said that they get regular feedback from the teacher

The parts of home learning that children enjoy the most are Zoom sessions, Literacy and Numeracy videos, and wider curriculum topics such as Geography and Art.

Some specific comments from parents included:

  • School are doing everything they possibly can.
  • We really feel that teachers are doing a great job and are supporting the children and us as parents when we need it.
  • Communication and care from teachers is great.
  • The videos explaining work are really helpful.
  • The variety of work is good, not only writing but posters or other more creative ways to complete tasks is good.
  • Lots of fantastic content. The teachers give tons of brilliant advice.
  • The teachers are very helpful and supportive and give feedback.
  • Zoom calls in the morning are great starter. Variety of work is good and nice balance between creative and learning tasks. Nice to get comments on pieces of work which are submitted. Mix of videos and reading material is good.
  • The feedback we receive is brilliant and teachers are always there to help when we have needed it. Also the weekly phone calls are very good and gives me chance to receive feedback.
  • We are just really grateful for all the teachers are doing. We appreciate the care the that our children receive and the thoughtfulness of the staff.
  • I know everyone is trying their best and that’s all you can ask for.
  • St Matthew’s are doing an amazing job with home learning in this pandemic thank you.
  • We really appreciate all that the teachers are doing. You are all heroes in our eyes.
  • Home learning really helps my kid to keep her engaged to some extent during this unprecedented situation. Really appreciate the whole team for the effort you put to make it happen in short span of time. 
  • Thank you for the support. Quality of the home learning is really good covering all topics and well organized.
  • Overall we are very happy with the home schooling and the tasks that are set.
  • Thank you for your hard work during this difficult time.